Many people prefer more traditional designs to suit the period of their home. Often, a more contemporary, original design may also suit. If you have particular interests or hobbies then they can be illustrated beautifully in glass. If you aren't sure what would work well in your home or workspace, please call me for some advice and guidance. Once I've assessed the proposed site and context, I can help you visualise and then realise a beautiful, unique glass feature.

Whilst I am happy and able to work to any style to suit the client's needs, my own style is influenced by the work of the early glass master craftsmen, and also by nature, the countryside and the sea. Using colours found in nature, I am currently using woodcut techniques to paint and stain onto glass in the traditional way. I then kiln-fire to make pictures on glass that will last a lifetime. I am fascinated by the alchemical properties of glass - how it is made and manipulated by nature and Man. Also of course by its ability to create magic in a place, through the dramatic sparkle and glints, reflections and shadows, and the different moods it can evoke.



The Old Chapel, Eatenden Lane, Mountfield, East Sussex, TN32 5LP: Tel: 01580 389341 Mob: 07930 285951